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Abdulllah Alamin
Jun 30, 2022
In General Discussion
Domestika is committed to learning. At Domestika there is no limit to age, geographic location, time, or experience. Some of the most outstanding professionals in the creative sector meet here showing what they know how to do best and all the courses are for everyone. The creative world is based on sharing knowledge, which is why we have launched the III Call for Domestika Scholarships . Up to 20 members of the community won 50 free courses after participating in the first two editions of the Domestika Scholarships in 2017 and 2018 . calls that brought together thousands of creatives from all over the world from disciplines such as illustration, design, photography, animation, 3D design... Here's everything you need to know about this year's . What do the Domestika Scholarships consist of? The Domestika Scholarships jewelry retouching service aim to promote the learning of creative disciplines. For this reason, among all the participants in the call, 10 consistent scholarships will be distributed , each one of them, in 50 free choice courses . Anyone over the age of 16 can participate, regardless of their place of residence, their level of education and their professional background. The Domestika Scholarships are back! Turn your creative passion into your future 3 Participate in the scholarships by sending your project in three simple steps. How to participate in the scholarships? To participate in the call you only have to be registered in Domestika , have filled in your profile data (upload a profile photo and tell us a little about yourself) and publish at least three projects.