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Aklima Khatun
Aug 03, 2022
In Questions & Answers
Able to manage things well. The bloopers in crisis communication are usually the result of lack of experience with this. As an organization you are under a magnifying glass and in 2021 nothing remains a secret. For example, employees have the opportunity to influence the news online. Think of whistleblower Frances Haugen who recently hung out the dirty laundry of Facebook. I have made a list of bloopers from 2021 about what not to do in crisis communication. So we haven't done anything executive list wrong. That's why I can't say sorry." One of the best (?) examples was the plagiarism affair of Dan Roosegaarde about which de Volkskrant reported. Roosegaarde was accused of copying an art installation — a turf made of real grass that moves like a water mattress — by designer Zoro Feigl. It was not the first time he had been accused of plagiarism. The 'leak' was clearly at the Feigl front, which called in the newspaper. Roosegaarde opted for the denial strategy. Crisis communication and that is where things go wrong. This adds fuel to the fire for other media and the online public. The parrot parrot effect. screenshot de Volkskrant Dan Roosegaarde crisis communication. From de Volkskrant: “Dan Roosegaarde agrees with the striking resemblance between the works. 'But,' he assures me, 'I only saw that work for the first time two weeks ago in a TV broadcast about Feigl. I felt like I had entered a bad dream. I immediately called him and invited him to the studio to view the prototype. That was a constructive conversation. We have remained in contact.
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