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sanzida aktar
Jul 18, 2022
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Those who have been to foreign countries may have experience in taking taxis. On the first day of my arrival, I took the train out of the city from the airport, and sometimes it was difficult to find the location of the hotel. The most convenient way is to call a taxi and avoid the dilemma of dragging heavy luggage. Then the driver will lead the way to the destination. Sometimes the place to stay is far from the train station, and it is really hard to transfer a few bus trips with luggage, so taxis are a good way to save photo background removing people. In Germany's airports and railway stations of various sizes, there are always many taxis parked. For newcomers, seeing that most of the taxis are RVs, they will always wonder if the Germans are so rich, and even the taxis are so luxurious. Sometimes when you step out of the station, there may be a driver waving up and asking where you are going. Most of the drivers in front of the station are middle-aged men, some of them are local white people, and some seem to have a Middle Eastern immigrant background. When there are no guests, they always like to stand together and chat. A few smoked and asked the connoisseurs around them if they wanted to smoke together. Sometimes hearing them speak a language other than German can tell they are immigrants. AP_20300720559786 Photo Credit: AP / Dazhi Image I took a few taxis in Germany, maybe only three or two after I came to live. Ten years ago, I was studying in the UK and flew to Germany for a summer vacation with some local Hong Kong friends. Came to a small city in the south, ready to visit Neuschwanstein Castle the next day. Stepping out of the train station, looking at the online map, I found that the hotel was far away, so I had to take a taxi. The driver didn't seem to speak English very well, and among the five of us, I was the only one who knew a little bit of German. I sat next to
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