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Chumma Akter
Jul 17, 2022
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More than half a million Biafrans died of starvation during the Nigerian Civil Fax Number List War. philip emeagwali family The Philip Emeagwali Family in 1962. WikimediaFax Number List Commons / Creative Commons 4.0 After the war ended, Emeagwali doggedly continued to pursue his education. He attended school in Onitsha, Nigeria, and walked two hours to and from school each day. Unfortunately, he had to drop out due to financial problems. After Fax Number List continuing to study, he passed a high school equivalency exam Fax Number List administered by the University of London in 1973. The education efforts paid off when Emeagwali earned a scholarship to Fax Number List attend college in the U.S.College Education Emeagwali traveled to the U.S. in 1974 to attend Oregon State University. Upon arrival, in the course of one week, he used a telephone, visited Fax Number List a library, and saw a computer for the first time. He earned his degree in Fax Number List mathematics in 1977. Later, he attended George Washington University to earn a Master of Ocean and Marine Engineering. He also holds a second master's degree from the University of Maryland in applied mathematics.
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