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Jun 12, 2022
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Drawing prototypes is one of the most important daily tasks of product managers. I found that many product managers have the following problems when drawing Ws Number List prototypes: Every time I do a new project, all the components, pages, and modules of the prototype are from 0 to 1, and they are combined with the most basic components. It takes a lot of time to say, and the drawn prototype is still ugly; There is no iterative thinking. After drawing this time, the Ws Number List next drawing will be the same idea and draw again, without accumulating experience or accumulating more plans; He has been reduced to a human prototype for a long time, and he is obsessed with prototypes and cannot extricate himself. The underlying capabilities Ws Number List of the product cannot be improved, and he has never been promoted to senior product manager. These problems occur mainly because the product manager does not have a component library thinking. This article shares how to build your own component library to avoid the above problems. 1. Ws Number List Component library The component library is a series of ready-made solutions composed of components. The Ws Number List components are large and small. The smallest components are buttons, text, pictures, input boxes, etc. These components are combined to form component blocks, which are then combined into pages, and pages are combined into module. Physically, a product is made up of these large and small components. Using the component library can improve the efficiency of our prototype drawing. For example, C-end products have modules for login and registration, and Ws Number List B-end products have user role permission modules. If there is an on-site component library, when drawing a prototype, directly from the component Curry can just drag it out, saving the time of using basic components to draw prototypes. In addition, using the component library, you can also Ws Number List accumulate more solutions. For example, when we are doing competitive product analysis, we see that a certain module of others is doing well, and we can directly draw this module through the prototype.
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