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Aug 02, 2022
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Pharmacy prescribe more other types of products. The pharmaceutical industry has already begun to expand the assortment of dermopharmacy in certain families that were not given so much importance before. We are going to go step by step analyzing each of the main changes: inesem business school master in cosmetics and dermopharmacy more information irritations on the face due to the continuous rubbing of the mask in areas with redness, even dermatitis , peeling and altered skin in friction areas when you spend a lot of time with the mask on. Above all, it occurs in thin skin, in which there is an erosion of the skin that can ultimately end in a wound. In the pharmacy we have an important assortment of dermopharmacy to avoid this. You should choose products that help thicken and strengthen the whatsapp number list epidermis (first layer of the skin). They must contain assets such as: ceramides , fatty acids or hyaluronic acid. Likewise, it is important to maintain very gentle skin hygiene morning and night, avoiding aggressive surfactants. For example, with syndet-type soaps or oleogels. If the wound is already established, we have regenerating products that will help repair the wound and heal it more quickly, for this, active ingredients such as: growth factors, ozone oil, olivolein, centella asiatica, rosehip, etc. Are of choice. Facial problems derived from the use of the mask the main and most frequent is the maskné : the accumulation of heat, sweat, humidity and friction when wearing the mask, produces dilation of the pores and an increase in the production of sebum. In addition, there is an obstruction of the follicles, creating a perfect environment for cutibacterium acnés to reproduce, a bacterium that develops acne and causes maskné. Above all, it usually
For example, with syndet-type soaps or  content media