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jobaeid Hasan
Aug 02, 2022
In Questions & Answers
Just when we finished discussing the progress of the North Hong Kong Island Line last week, some members coincidentally asked the Hong Kong government's response on the current progress of the North Hong Kong Island Line. division. At the Legislative Council meeting on April 6, Mr LEUNG Hei (aka the Member who advocated "winning" the construction of Sai Wan Ho Station for everyone) submitted to the Secretary for Transport and Housing the specific plan for the North Island Line, including the specific alignment and construction timetable. Chen Fan raised a question. Afterwards, a number of Members also reported to Secretary Chen Fan the current overcrowding problem on the Special Database Hong Kong Island Line, and even thought that the Hong Kong Government's views on the North Hong Kong Island Line were "dispensable". Secretary Chen Fan also explained to Members that the project is "technically complicated and needs to be studied in detail", but how complicated is it? His answer is inseparable from the difficulties encountered in all MTR p%, an increase of 3 percentage points compared with 81% in 2020. Even if it is not as high as 98% in the first half of 2019, and even reached 101% in 2017-18, the fact still reflects the fact that the Hong Kong Island line is actually saturated. However, according to the MTR Corporation's assessment to the Bureau, it is believed that "the Hong Kong Island Line will still be sufficient to cope with the new passenger volume". As for whether the Hong Kong Island Line is expected to reach the unloadable level, the Bureau did not mention it. arrive. Unfortunately, from Secreta
The Hong Kong Island Line is rapidly saturated, and the Hong Kong government says that the  content media