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Joy Roy
Aug 02, 2022
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Graphite is mined, gouged and shaped. The adapter that connects the pen body to the eraser is an alloy of dozens of metals that must also be explored, melted, combined, and refined. and so on. The great thing about the pencil, however, is not its complexity, but the fact that everyone involved in making the pencil does not have a comprehensive understanding of the steps in the process. The lumberjack only knows that there is a market for his wood, and knowing the price, he is willing to buy the tools he needs, cut down the trees, and sell the wood to the production line. Lumberjacks may not even know that wood is used for pencils. The owner of the pencil factory only knows where to buy the required intermediate raw materials and how to operate the production line that assembles the raw materials. The knowledge and planning for making pencils arise naturally in the process of forming market relations. Now suppose we want to replicate market relations with the Central Planning Commission. The committee decides how much and when to cut wood, how many workers to hire at each stage of production, and where and when to produce, ship, and build. To do this effectively, however, the committee must know many things. It must consult this group of highly skilled whatsapp list producers to learn the unique knowledge that enables them to make a living in their fields of expertise, such as whether wood is used in other sectors of the economy, such as building houses, boats or children's toys, and whether it is valuable or not. Would be better than a raw material for pencils. Assimilating all this information, and constantly receiving and digesting the latest information necessary to keep track of changes at every step of the process, can be overwhelming for even the most capable managers. Even if members have unlimited information absorption capacity, in the ocean of information, they still cannot overcome the problem of difficulty in action.
Samsung and TSMC have fierce competition in the development of 3nm-level semiconductors content media