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Omar Faruk
Jul 14, 2022
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How to use bumper ads effectively One single bumper ad is not very effective. advertisement Continue reading below You need to think strategically and follow four principles: 1. Use in a cluster Bumper ads begin to show their value when used in combination with other bumper ad groups. The idea is to incorporate these short ads into a series of ads that tell a bigger story, Stick to One Thing Real Estate Photo Editing Play in just 6 seconds and your message should be crisp and focused. It is not possible to cover everything included in a 30-second video ad. For example, a single bumper ad ghost mannequin effect service looks like this: Emphasize one unique feature. Emphasize one use of the product line. Answer one customer's question. Let's take a look at one common problem. Make fun of one new product. 4. Make sure all ads are in line with your comprehensive goals When creating a set of bumper ads, or bumper ads in combination with other ad formats, it's important that they are all in line with your goals. With so many pieces being played, one or more pieces can drift if you're not careful. Example 1: Payroll software company As mentioned earlier, a single bumper ad is probably not very effective. Using them in combination makes them powerful. Here's an example of how this works: advertisement Continue reading below Let's say you are marketing payroll software. You are competing with a large payroll company, but your benefits are: Simpler user interface.