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omar faruk
Aug 03, 2022
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For example, if we grow anywhere or promote content for single grains , we ask our friends in the online marketing niche to help us out. You might ask Neil, "Neil, can you help me tweet this?" If it's a good article, Neil will want to tweet it. Because it adds value to his audience and makes him look good too. It's an easy win-win. Early on, you should start building a list of influencers in your industry or related field. Whether you're looking for upvotes or more social shares or more website traffic, you get that first bump, so it will help you in the long run. Content Syndication can help whatsapp database you get there. When Mark Suster started blogging about venture capital, he used to email Neal co-founder Hyton Shah . Every time Mark published a blog post, he asked us to tweet the article with a really polite email. He will say things like: “Yeah, if you like it, feel free to share it. It was very rare for Neil to say no to Mark unless it was a conflict of interest. And Neil hadn't emailed Mark back, 'Hey, can you share our article too? Neal already had a decent social following at that time. However, since they met in person, he was willing to help Mark. Ultimately, Mark's strategy was really smart. Not only did he ask Neil to share his work, but he also approached 30-40 other people, which helped his brand and website skyrocket. So it makes sense that he was able to build up such a loyal following. Free Bonus Downloads: Use this bonus guide to expand your content and maximize your traffic and leads. Click here to download for free now! We've helped Fortune 500 companies, venture-backed startups, and companies like yours grow revenue faster . get a free consultation Always looking for new growth opportunities The marketing landscape is constantly changing, and digital is changing faster than anything else. A few years ago people said Twitter would replace Facebook.
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