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Md. Asaduzzaman
Jun 20, 2022
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There is more than double the difference in the number of reach of Instagram depending on whether the tag looks good or not. The industry email list most important thing to aim for a tag look is not a photo or a caption, but as the name implies, a "hashtag". In this article, we asked Mr. The answer is A. A's post recorded 2.1 times the reach of B's ​​post. In addition, the number of engagements such as "likes", comments, and the number of saved posts has reached about 3.5 times. Nishikawa of AIQ, who provides the industry email list Instagram version of SEO analysis tool " AISIGHT ", about the know-how to increase the reach number by hashtags. Quiz ① First of all, before explaining the know-how, please take a look here. These two are Instagram posts, but they're more than double the reach. Do you know which post, A or B, has the industry email list highest reach? Nishikawa explains that the cause of this difference is industry email list the "hashtag." The hashtags attached to the posts A and B are below, but why did this hashtag make such a difference? I will explain in detail what kind of logic is hidden behind this. Explanation industry email list of logic Behind the logic, whether or not the post is "tagged" has a lot to do with it. Tag shine means that it is displayed in the first view on the hashtag search screen.
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