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Sumaiya Khatun
Aug 01, 2022
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Or it has been decided to only request inventory status when the customer wants to pay, instead of automatically forwarding this information through so-called inventory attributes. Make sure your customers don't face unpleasant surprises No matter what you choose, the most important thing is to display the correct inventory notifications in your products. This is the death knell of the customer journey if the customer is informed in the cart (usually checked in the inventory system) or after the ordered product is no longer in stock. Show stock notifications everywhere Some stores choose to display this stock notification only on product pages. My suggestion is to display the notification wherever the product can be found. For example, consider category pages, search results in the shopping cart itself or in internal search results. Do you also sell through other channels (such as your own store) and do you have a good understanding of your inventory? So choose to offer this inventory to click and collect. What matters is that the store inventory is actually correct! There's nothing job function email list more annoying than getting a message after ordering a product that it's not in stock. Therefore, it is crucial to provide good inventory notifications in your online store. Make sure you can find at least one correct message. Stock notifications in Google search results If we take a step back in the funnel, we usually end up at Google. There you can also display your inventory in different ways. Displayed as a rich snippet In the product's template, you'll find the heading "Availability". This allows you to indicate whether a product is "in stock", "out of stock" or "pre-order product". The upside is that this information often shows up in search results, allowing interested parties to immediately see if a product is available to order. Some online store owners choose to default to "in stock" in the hope that people will visit the store and then order related products.
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