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zarin taslima
Jul 07, 2022
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Poverty is a heavy shackle burdened by disadvantaged families. It tests the will of adults, and it also makes the children in it pay the price. In disadvantaged families with limited resources, parents are usually too busy making a living to care for their children, and innocent young children are struggling to survive in a lack of protection and an unstable growth environment, involuntarily inheriting the vicious circle caused by poverty. World Vision, dedicated to caring for disadvantaged children, firmly believes that "education" is the key to changing the fate of children and the future of their families. No matter how hard life is, as long as children can work hard to complete their studies and empowered by education, they will have the opportunity to banner design change their lives and even lead a family. Entire families come out of the cycle of deprivation. Therefore, World Vision actively assists disadvantaged families in all corners of the world, and does its best to allow children to return to education and stable learning. Even in the two years of the impact of the epidemic, World Vision continues to carry out educational work in the countries and project areas it serves. , helping more than millions of children and benefiting surrounding communities and partners. Poor and out of school | A teenage mother with financial constraints, determined to return to school to break the cycle of fate Education is the best weapon to reverse poverty. In order to return the right to education to every child, World Vision is committed to protecting underage children and adolescents from having a stable school environment. Adjoa (pseudonym) from Africa is a service case of World Vision in recent years. She used to sell groceries on the roadside to help her mother support her family. At the time, she was only 14 years old. Later, she met a 35-year-old man and claimed that he was willing to Taking care of her, helping her buy school supplies, and soon after, Ajuya became pregnant, but the man disappeared.